View Full Version : Calendar woes

05-10-2006, 09:40 AM
Arrgh! :o After spending an inordinate amount of time converting my P900 calendar to the new P990 one with Anniversaries (which seemed like a really good idea), at some point between synchronising with Outlook 2003 and changing time zones for Latvia, all my Anniversaries have been converted to one all-day event with alarm and one reminder. (i.e., I now have around 300 alarms running with an extra 300 repeating calendar events). Oh, and it scrapped the folder settings too.

Damn. Anyone got any ideas a) how to go back to the anniversaries and b) what might have gone wrong (i.e., how to stop it happening again)?

05-10-2006, 09:47 AM
Arrgh again!

OK, this is a case of I can see why, but, er, why?.

When I change time zones (and now of course there is the choice of home or current times), all the times in the calendar change.

OK, maybe this is handy if you book a 3pm telephone conference in London then accidentally fly to, say, Riga, cos it moves the time to the Riga time of 5pm. But it is not handy if you also booked your return flight (3.40pm) using (effectively) local times, cos these now get changed to 5.40pm :con?.

And those reminders I had at 11.59 to tell me when people are staying overnight at mine, well they all just moved to the following day!

Someone please tell me that I can change this behaviour, or even wildly better, change the default but keep the option! Now that would be hoopy :rolleyes:!