View Full Version : Nokia 5500 Music Edition

01-09-2006, 12:17 PM

As well as the two main 5500 models (grey/black and grey/yellow) there's a third model called the 5500 Music Edition. It comes in a copper/black/orange colour scheme which was first seen on a prototype on the website. The prototype was non-functioning so they only reviewed the casing, but you can see photos of the copper 5500 (as well as the yellow and black ones) here: are already selling the 5500 Music Edition, but it appears to be rather poor value compared to a basic 5500 pack because the only thing musical about this special edition is a bundled 512mb microSD card. For the same money as the price difference between a 5500 and a 5500 ME, you could get a 1gig or 2gig microSD. Unless you're particularly interested in getting the copper/red colour scheme phone, you'd be far better off buying a normal 5500 and getting a memory card separately.

UPDATE: Here are some official pictures of the 5500...