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04-12-2002, 01:15 AM
TomTom has updated its city map application to a 2003 version. The new version is claimed to have enhanced maps (larger, and more detailed). It seems that existing users have to buy the new version.

The brand new 2003 edition of TomTom CityMaps includes greatly enhanced maps of over 240,000 cities across Europe. They're much larger and more detailed than before, enabling you to plan a route in a wider area around cities, towns and villages.

TomTom CityMaps 2003 is packed with numerous handy features to help you plan your journey and find your way around. Connect to a Nokia GPS module and you'll always be able to see where you are on the map.

TomTom CityMaps transforms your Nokia Communicator into a convenient city map and street-to-street journey planner. It's simple to use and features full-colour maps that are easy to read and accurate to the smallest street detail. What's more, it contains details of everything from the latest one-way traffic restriction to the sneakiest pedestrian short cut!

The complete TomTom CityMaps 2003 is available on CD-ROM and can be obtained from leading European retailers or by mail order for Euro 59,95. Individual city maps may be downloaded directly for US $14,99 each.

Please see for further details.

04-12-2002, 02:12 PM
It seems that existing users have to buy the new version.

I spoke to TomTom and they confirmed that existing users have to buy the new version at Euro 59.95, the same as everyone else.

Even Microsoft offer a reduce price for the upgrade route and their reputation for customer friendliness is hardly perfect!

As an existing user, I think my money will stay in my pocket.

This does, however answer the question for people who wanted to know if they could by the software without the Nokia LAM-1 GPS unit.