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11-08-2006, 08:01 PM
Hey everyone! I'm considering getting an M600i. I have two questions and concerns. My experience with SE's is that their reception and audio quality is mediocre and several reviews have suggested this M600 isn't any exception. I would like to hear from those who USE it on a daily basis how you feel? I'm coming from a Nokia N70 with superb audio quality and reception.

Secondly, there is a photo gallery application but i'd like to know if it has the same image editing functions that is found on my N70. i.e. cropping, image corrections, etc.

Oh, one last thing, how do you feel about the speed of the device. While some have complained the N70 is slow, I find it to be pretty snappy. How about the M600? Thanks!


23-11-2006, 11:57 PM
My M600i has fantastic audio quality. Blows away any and all HTC-made Windows Mobile devcies I have used before. That is simply a non- issue on this phone.

Image editing - you better check if there is third party software like Resco or something. The Image Gallery on this device is just that - a gallery. You can delete or copy a file that is about it.

Speed is not super fast like the I-mate Jam I used to have. But compared to my wife's Nokia N73, I would say the M600i is slight faster once you do a few changes:
1) turn off the handwriting recognition
2) go to the video gallery press play on the demo video and pause it (which turns of transitons in menus)

Then the device is very snappy through the menus - and unlike the N73 you dont get the entire screen frizzing up each time you change menus or open an application. If you dont believe me, go have a look at a real N73 and play with it.

24-11-2006, 07:33 AM
Audio quality is excellent IMO, particularly on 3G if you're in coverage - this is my first 3G phone, and I hadn't realised till now that it greatly improves audio calls as well as data etc.

Image editing - it *does* have an editor built into the gallery application (open the image in Media Album, then click More -> Use -> Edit picture) and it's actually pretty good - you can crop the image, draw on it (using the pen of course), add text, apply a variety of effects (sepia, warp, emboss etc), adjust brightness, contrast et al - surprisingly full featured for a phone with no camera!

Speed is a very tricky subject - it seems to vary a great deal between software versions. I have a Vodafone branded version of the phone, and for me it's very fast with no lag at all (apart from when opening the browser - for some reason there's a bit of a pause then).

I really don't think you should have to turn off the handwriting recognition (major feature!) or play videos etc to speed it up - certainly I don't have to - I think these are just isolated firmware issues which will be fixed in updates.

04-12-2006, 07:22 AM
Sound quality is ok in M600i I got mine on Friday and tested ok not to loud but engough for heraing rings and clear