View Full Version : Molecubes released

03-12-2002, 11:43 AM
I think we might have found a cool original tetris after all ;) Check it here ( 7DE5857XAX2E6B3E1597554&platformId=4&productType=2 &productId=46005&sectionId=0&catalog=20)

Molecubes is an addictive game of falling cubes. Completely fill a line with cubes and the line will disappear. When a cube reaches the top of your screen, the game is over.

Each time the level changes, the cubes drop faster and a new background appears.

The trial version allows you to play the first 2 levels of the game. For unlimited game play, please purchase Molecubes.

This application requires AppForge Booster for Nokia which is a free download.