View Full Version : Nokia E61 or Backberry 8707V? - New invest!

25-06-2006, 07:40 AM

we want to buy a new Mobile phone - the final selection - Blackberry 8707V or Nokia E61 -

important functions for us - UMTS - WLAN - good keyboard and Web Browser - good software package (entirely) - good price

our question:

- which advantages has the Nokia E61 opposite the Blackberry 8707V

- which are the E61 disadvantages - your experiences

thank you for your information :)


Today, i have a Nokia 7710 - unfortunately none - UMTS - WLAN - and too slowly

25-06-2006, 11:36 PM
The E61 is a much more versatile device (e.g. multimedia capabailities). The Blackberry is primairly an email device.

The call quaility and general phone functionality is better on the E61. Its runing a more powerful and fully featured OS. Supports multiple push email systems. Has a better browser.

The Blackberry has a jog dial on the side. This is possibly easier for scrolling through lists (email / messages).

E61 disadvantages - its a relatively new device so there may be some bugs. Whether you come across them is dependent on your usage. (I have not noticed anything major).

26-06-2006, 04:37 AM
No WiFi/WLAN on the 8707V, so if that's really important to you, then between it and the E61, you should pick the E61.

26-06-2006, 08:01 PM
Just to expand on the multimedia side, you can use the E61 as a music and video player by buying a large capacity miniSD memory card for it (1 or 2 gigabytes). The speaker and headphone quality of the E61 is excellent and better than many of Nokia's specialised music phones apparently.

05-08-2006, 06:35 AM
But many would argue that the blackberry is a more solid email device, so if you're primarily using it for email, and you are the "set it and forget it" type, then the E61 will probably not be the best choice.

31-08-2006, 09:27 PM
I just eBayed my BB8700 in favor of an E61, but not for any reason other than I'm a gadget junkie. After a couple of days here are my impressions:

- instant-on, bulletproof OS, highly reliable
- instant push email (available on E61)
- no WiFi
- minimal gadgetry but adequate aftermarket apps for most people
- thicker but smaller than E61
- no expansion or cable transfer capability (for corporate security mostly)
- excellent mini-USB charge & sync, no charger required
- thoroughly oriented towards no-nonsense communications

- way fancier, more gadgetry, definite sex appeal
- WiFi a big plus
- MUCH slower, a slug compared to the BB, quite unstable
- good Nokia UI, very good software package
- excellent expansion and cable transfer capability
- quite a bit bigger than BB
- separate proprietary cable & new-style charger, a pain

Don't know yet! I'm missing my BB but liking the advantages of the E61. They need a solid firmware update (user-installed) to resolve some of the big issues. Simply put, the BB is a solid mature device lacking some bells & whistles, and the E61 is a powerhouse device that was rushed to market a bit early perhaps.