View Full Version : compare Wifi web browse speed of simfree phone with operator locked phone

24-05-2006, 03:57 PM
My mate has an N80 under contract, locked to one of the mobile 'phone operators in the UK. He says the web browser on the N80 is slow to load pages via the 'phone's WiFi. He hasn't tried it via the other methods (3G, GPRS)

I wonder if the Wifi web access speed is better on a sim free non-operator locked version of the N80 'phone? I know that the firmware of the phone is operator specific.

Perhaps it is in the operator's interests to make the Wifi access slow so instead you spend money using the web via their 3G service on the phone?


How do people generally find the web browsing speed of this phone? Fast, Slow?

24-05-2006, 04:10 PM
i'll give it a go when i have the phone charged :-)

The other thing is that skype may be doing a software release for the N80, this would mean a loss of revenue to your network provider coz you could sit in starbucks or anywhere with a public lan and skype out to people, dont know what the voice quality would be like, if its like teamspeak it would be ok,
It would obviously be better for data stuff on a wlan or lan for speed.


24-05-2006, 04:12 PM
Browsing speed's pretty good here via WiFi on my unlocked N80 with a WPA encrypted 802.11G Linksys router - subjectively faster than it was on my unlocked K-Jam (aka O2 Mini S). Google Maps responds well too via WiFi.

Haven't tried it via 3G yet as I'm in a poor reception area (I see the 3G on the screen sometimes but only briefly). GPRS seems to browse at about the same as on previous phones.

If your friend was trying his testing on Monday night and using NTL they may be the cause - their DNS servers were all over the place :frown:


24-05-2006, 06:07 PM
Just tried mine now on my netgear dg834G router with similar setup as above,
maps worked well as did a normal page load.

Don't have 3g here yet (Isle of Man) although our provider (Manx Telecom) is used as a test bed for the O2 3g and the new 3.5g.

So far I'm impressed with the phone apart from the obvious little niggles as mentioned in the forum:-)

I would be grateful for a shortcut for a phone 'status'message similar to the k750i which could give memory used, phone number and amount of battery left as a percetage.
( why the phone number?, coz i'm tight and use a paygo in UK and France :-) and i can nvr remember them)

24-05-2006, 08:08 PM
Web browsing speed is fine, and fast as expected via WiFi on my Orange locked N80. It is not as fast as my PC - but this is due to the N80's max wifi speed being 54mb/s, as opposed to 100mb/s on my PC.

I think operators deliberately crippling the wifi speed is unlikely, they would not have much to gain - as yet ubiquitous wifi access is still some way off, so if you want to access the web when you're on the go you're more than likely still going to have to use GPRS.