View Full Version : New: MagicMine for the Nokia 7650

26-11-2002, 02:06 AM
Digital Red have released another great looking puzzle game for the Nokia 7650. MagicMine is a puzzle game where your aim to remove stones. Kind of a match them up an remove them type puzzle game. The game can be bought via Handango (

This is a game aiming at getting high score and challenge higher difficulty. There are seven magic stones with different color and shape, and you can change the location of the near stone. The three stones or more than three ones in the one line will disappear and you score. The scores will counteract the descendent time line. The game has three kinds of difficulty and has no toll-gates.

The game is benefit for intelligence and is worthwhile to play, so that once starting, the player will be easy to addict. The pictures are wonderful, while occupying small memory of hardware device.

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