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19-05-2006, 04:57 PM
Ok, I am not using a wireless router. I am using a Wireless USB Key on the pc.

Here is my problem:

I have a Wired Router and 3 PCS. I dont use a wireless network at home as wired is faster, and safer. Dont get me wrong, wireless is great, but i just dont use it in my case!

Router (
PC1 ( - PC2 ( PC3 (

I have the USB Wifi key plugged in to PC1, and its IP address is

My N80 connects to it in Ad-Hoc mode (Must set advanced options and specify IPv4 IP Address and subnet etc). This all works fine, and I can access a webserver running on PC1 from the phone, and can ping the phone from PC.

Great, but how do I share the Internet connection on my network to the Phone??

I have tried setting the USB Key to, and phone to,
But then windows WiFi manager gets confused, and sais in one bit of text that its connected to my phone, but in another bit, sais its Not connected. When its like this, my N80 reports its connected but only reports sent data, no received. I was hoping this would have worked, as presumably if its on the same network it will share the internet?

So Am i doing something wrong? Is there anyway i can use the network for my PC>Phone, and then have the PC link the internet connection??

Please help!

19-05-2006, 11:10 PM
Noone?! Oh well... solved it anyway.

Might aswell post how i did it just incase anybody else is having trouble.

I tried the software that came with the Wifi key instead of Windows WiFi tool...

This software allowed me to make the usb key act like a wireless router, an Access Point. Rather than Ad-hoc mode, it now works in infrastructure mode.

This solved all my problems and connected N80 to internet and network flawlessly.

20-05-2006, 04:26 PM
Yes Windows Ad-hoc networks don't always seem to work very well.

The N80 does support ad hoc networks so it should work.

You have to set up your computer to be available as ad hoc I belive. I never actually tried to do this, so can't be of much help.