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16-05-2006, 09:29 AM
I am confused, with all these WiFi enabled mobiles. Is there any way to use VoIP telephony on these mobiles.

And also will we be able to use these phones for IM like msn or yahoo and do the video chat on the IM (as nokia 90 is having 2 cams) (no 3g video calling).

Please clarify my doubts.

I am from India.

Thanx in advance.

15-06-2006, 08:33 PM
I just installed the VOIP-application from intended for the E60 on my E70 phone and it does work. I connect to my home wirelss and calling is easy, and for the very brief testing, sound quality seems good. has no subscription charge, pay-as-you-go principle. However, their price list is not complete, so what you actually pay I am not sure.

15-06-2006, 09:41 PM
On the Eseries VoIP is enabled by the fact the phones are SIP capable. You can register to a SIP service (e.g. an use the built in SIP client to make 'Internet Calls'. These are VoIP calls. In theory any SIP compatiable VoIP service will work but your results may vary. It doesn't seem to be that reliable atm.

03-07-2006, 07:51 PM
SoonR ( has a similar product that works with Skype. You install Skype on your PC along with a client application from SoonR. Then, from your phone, you connect to your PC and activate Skype. Similar to the Vyke software, Skype on your PC calls your cell phone and then calls the number you want. It sets up a conference call only remotely. I've used it for fairly long calls (20 minutes +) to Ukraine and it works well with good sound quality. Also, Skype rates are lower than Vyke. The only thing is, you have to leave your PC on, which is not a problem for me.


04-07-2006, 01:25 AM
Soonr uses your mobile number to let you call skype users. When placing a skype call with soonr, it calls your device's number and your destination then links both calls. It does not use your WiFI connection to place the call. From my point of view: totally sucks. I ll give vyke a try... we seriously are in need of a working SIP client for the e61. That NAT traversal issue on the e61 really makes the device look bad.
Nokia provided the SIP SDK for 60 series...anyone up for some coding ?

04-07-2006, 02:28 AM
To use SoonR you need to be connected to the Internet. With the E60 this can be over wifi (as I do), GPRS, or Bluetooth connected to nan access point or a PC. I agree that SoonR is not an ideal solution but from what I read, Vyke works the same way except that you connect to one of their servers instead of your PC and therefore have to pay a little more per minute. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's what it sounded like when I read their web page. It states "Once you have entered the phone number you want to call, Vyke Mobile sends the call information to the Vyke platform. A few seconds later, your mobile phone will ring and, once you answer the phone, you will be connected with the number you are calling."

I would love it if SIP on the E-series phones worked with NAT but it dosen't and it will be at least the end of the year before Nokia develpes an upgrade. If you fina a 3rd party SIP application that works please let me know. I'd gladly pay for it.


06-07-2006, 02:38 AM
please read this post:

i managed to sucessfully create SIP connections and call between different providers by using since they have a reversed NAT lookup or something of the kind.

06-07-2006, 03:03 AM
I just setup an account on as well. The do have reverse NAT detection and made a call to their voice mail that worked fine. I bought some credits to make calls to PSTN phones and as soon as my purchase is finalized I'll report back on calling to regular phones.


16-06-2007, 10:43 AM
I teste the new Vyke Mobile IP service from vykedotcom

This is really easy to use. I registered (got a free dollar sign-up bonus :icon14: ) and on the web page, under Vyke Mobile IP, I chose my phone, Nokia E65 from the drop down menu, entered in my mobile number and got an SMS, I clicked on this, downloaded a 40 something kb program, entered in my Vyke username and password and Voila! I was making calls over my home WiFi network. I also didn't have to make changes for other networks, like I had to do with my old E60.
When I enter a new WiFi zone, I just click on "Internet Telephone" (which I now have a shortcut to on my phones front). if it is a secure network a get a pop-up asking for security code and then I get connected.

It remembers networks you have been to before. It is great! I really like it.

I am currently travelling in Asia, and I make calls from free WiFi zones in Singapore... bye bye roaming charges

13-08-2008, 05:29 AM
Thanks for the info guys especially the site links. I'll try them all and see what works best for me.


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16-08-2008, 08:52 PM
Thanks for the info guys especially the site links. I'll try them all and see what works best for me.


MINUTETRADERS | Buy/Sell AZ & Direct Termination Routes,Wholesale,TDM,VoIP (

It was some time ago that I origionally responded to this thread and Nokia VoIP has improved substantially since my post. You should no be able to use any of the E-series phones and some of the N-series phones with most, is not all, VoIP services. I have found that Turphone is the best but also use Sipgate and Vonage. However, Vonage seems to be much less stable than the others and they do not seem to want to support use of Nokia phones for VoIP.


03-01-2009, 11:51 AM
Just out of curiosity, and in light of the credit crunch and failing world currencies, I decided to try and unravel and compare the tariffs of three of the major internet call companies.

As I live in the UK and the bulk of my calls are within the UK to landlines and mobiles I have chosen that to be my yardstick to ascertain the cost per minute.

As you will see, Skype has the edge on landline calls whilst Truphone is just better on mobile calls. However it is Gizmo that stands out as being by far the most expensive for mobile calls.
(I used an exchange rate of 1 = $1.4633c to convert Gizmo's $ rates)

Company UK landline UK mobile

Gizmo 0.02734p 0.28702p

Skype 0.014p 0.166p

Truphone 0.03p 0.15p

I know that calls between, say, Truphone to Truphone are free but to be honest, very few people have VoIP on their phones.

I have all of the above installed on my phone plus Tivi and Fring.

In my experience I find that both Truphone and Gizmo are the easiest to use and integrate well on both my N95 and N95 8GB as well as offering very clear call quality through wifi and 3G. Whilst Fring offers a whole host of features, such as MSN, Yahoo, Facebook etc: I find it just that bit more cumbersome to use and the call quality is not as good.

To achieve a totally FREE call and receive service on VoIP both parties should have the same VoIP installed on their phone and be connected via wifi. The next best thing is to be connected to 3G, both Truphone and Gizmo seem to do this seamlessly if wifi is not available, although this does mean that you use a small amount of data (but far less than the cost of a call in the UK) and an unlimited data plan is a good idea.

Where VoIP really comes into its own is if you are calling abroad as it can cut call costs by tenfold.

I am at present looking at video calling over VoIP and to this end have installed Tivi but have yet to use it.

I would welcome any thoughts, comments or experiences of VoIP calling that you may have.