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21-03-2006, 10:08 AM
Steve Litchfield takes the opportunity to directly compare two champions from the smartphone world....

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21-03-2006, 11:29 AM
I choose N70!
Opera is free and very good and there is also free ogg playing app.
Mem card under the battery in SPV is unacceptable!

21-03-2006, 11:33 AM
The article seems to suggest that Ogg won't work but it does on my N90. Is it different on the N70 or was the comment meaning that the built-in Music app won't play Ogg files? I guess on reflection that is what was meant.

21-03-2006, 12:06 PM
Hi Steve,

I am afraid we have been defeated for the moment... :( I recently switched back to Symbian from my T-Mobile SDA (aka C500), getting a shiny new N70, and I just cannot bring myself to use my new mobile! I keep on carrying the old one with me as well, and find myself using that most of the time for the past 2 months now. I have also bought a C600 for my girlfriend (although an ex-Nokia fun, she just couldn't go from her SDA to the 6680 I originally bought her), so I have quite some hands on experience of both phones/platforms.

Great comparison though! (beats hands down any "pseudo" comparisons I've ever read in Stuff magazine)
Here's a few areas I would also add, and a few areas where I would differ:

Screen: Although the N70 has slightly bigger screen, the C600's being QVGA has so much better quality

Phonebook: N70 has the tried and tested Nokia phonebook, but once you have used Windows Mobile's "T9" style phonebook, you just cannot go back to the plain old Nokia one.

Joystick/keyboard: I find the C600 joystick and keyboard much more usable than the N70's (the joystick is too hard and not very accurate and keys are too hard and cramped)

Application quality: For some reason (use of .Net framework?) most of the Windows Mobile applications have a much more polished feel and tend to have more features than the Symbian ones. Plus I still cannot find a descent Todo/list manager on Symbian!! :( I currently use Oxios Tasks on WM, and nothing touches it, including AquaCalendar IMHO.

Multitasking: I agree with your comparison, but with the simple adition of xBar on Windows Mobile, I think it becomes superior to Symbian

Email: The email client in the C600 is nicer and quicker, but the one in N70, combined with the attachment viewers and the 3G speed makes for a more robust email experience, ie you can be sure you will be able to check that important pdf file you have in you email inbox when you need it.

Application Launching: I agree it is quite inflexible in WM, but try "Surreal Start" (, which basically uses the same predictive T9 style system used in the phonebook for the start menu! (plus it matches on bookmarks as well, so I you have a bookmark called "Train timetables", you can just access it by going "Start", 8 (TUV), 7 (PQRS), joystick select, and it opens up IE+loads the page.) I now find the Symbian application launcher tedious...

So, for me, if it wasn't for the 3G speed and extra robustness of the email on the N70, it would have been the C600. But for the moment it looks like it's gonna have to be both, although I am seriously considering using a C600 as my primary phone and the N70 just for email and as a 3G modem for my PDA...


Dr, Who?
21-03-2006, 01:16 PM
Phew - a nice balanced comparison. As I am sure you are aware Steve, I have piled in supporting Windows Mobile devices a few times since my aborted move from a C500 to an Orange N70. I would agree with your comments though - the camera on Windows devices is shash - never use it, so not a issue for me. I would however completely agree with everything kostas says. The reason I am looking to move away from Windows Mobiles is that no candybar Smartphone has 3G yet and the chances of getting 3G and WLAN in the next year are nil. Looking forward to auditioning the N80 - just hopes it last longer than the N70.

21-03-2006, 03:41 PM
Good comments all, though kostas is comparing a C600 outfitted with the complete set of power user's 3rd party software, whereas I was comparing the out-of-the-box experience, i.e. as if for new users.

Almost any smartphone can be transformed in all sorts of ways through extra software, but most users (sadly) never add much....

Steve Litchfield

15-10-2006, 09:43 AM
i have a 200kb plugin fr s60 .. .u can natively play ogg and wma after installing it. . .

16-02-2009, 10:34 AM
hi good article.