View Full Version : Beand new Nokia 7710 for sale

27-11-2005, 09:15 PM

Bought a nokia 7710 last month and found out it didnt have wifi by accident. I was going to use it for travel at xmas as the plane has wifi, so have to sell it.

Just been opened to see it work and find out wifi does not exist so it is basically brand new, unlocked and unbranded being bought from a Nokia shop, ( as opposed to network vendor. 11 month warranty fully transferable with receipt.

I am selling it due to not asking for a refund until well after selling clause of two weeks, silly silly, so i have a pda now. I am paypal authorised and will ship anywhere in the world. Please email me and I will do all i can to help with pics etc. I have no idea about import customs so you have to help me out if you are outside EU.

I am based in the UK and i sell on ebay, my id is m22687 for feedback and i have Paypal. I bought this last month for 280 plus postage delivery. I would like to post this quick before xmas so pitch me a decent offer and i will consider it. Decent is 150 plus? i dunno lol.



22-12-2005, 11:35 AM
Please PM me your payment details.
I need this before christmas so please be around soon.