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14-11-2002, 02:21 AM
Version 1.52 of WirelessIRC for Nokia 7650 has now been released. WirelessIRC now supports DCC file receive and DCC file send (via DCC relay proxy). WirlessIRC is an IRC client for the 7650 and Series 60.

Take a picture or record a voice note and send them to your friends on
IRC. By using a DCC relay proxy you can even send files from phone to
phone -- via the internet.

WirelessIRC comes with a built-in file browser with quick preview of all
your images and direct sound replay for ringtones and recordings. Just
select a file on your phone and send it to a friend on IRC. A separate
window shows all concurrent file transfers to and from your phone.

For sending files, you need access to a DCC relay proxy. You can operate
your own, personal DCC relay proxy by downloading a free Java 1.4 source
code implementation.

Other new features of WirelessIRC v1.52:

* Simple DCC FileBrowser for viewing and selecting files on your phone
* Auto-backlight on any activity on IRC
* Support for IRC server passwords
* Hardware supported charset mappings and custom mappings (like KOI8-R)
* Command line history (10 lines)
* Improved nick menu now displaying nicks for each channel

You can download a trial version of WirelessIRC v1.52 from Handango (

About WirelessIRC
WirelessIRC is a client for the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) service. You
can chat with thousands of other people online via PC, mobile phone or
PDA. WirelessIRC provides menu shortcuts to most common IRC commands.
You can easily connect to the IRC network, join channels and stay
connected with your friends while on the move.

17-04-2007, 09:06 AM
is there a wirelessIRC for S60 3rd edition? i really need this software. thanx