View Full Version : New: Ringtone Studio for the 7650

13-11-2002, 04:06 PM
WildPalm have released Ringtone Studio for the Nokia 7650. The program allows you to speed up, trim or change the sounds for your ringtones (midi). Basically a little midi editor for your 7650.

[list] Load any Midi song and save in a compressed format to save storage space
Change the instruments on any track of the song choose from up to 128 instruments
Mute or change the volume of any track
Change the volume of the whole song manually, or automatically set to maximum
Change the speed of the song
Automatically trim silence from the start of a song
Manually trim the start and end of a song
Send ringtones via MMS, IR, Bluetooth and Email
Full on-line help
Free Trial[/list:u]