View Full Version : westOne announce IM for 7650

12-11-2002, 07:21 PM
westOne is an instant messenger and chat application for Symbian smartphones. The current version supports Nokia 7650 and Nokia 3650 models.


Chat in various chat rooms (anonymously)
Start private chat from a chat room (anonymously)
Chat with your friends
See when your friends are online
Send and receive offline messages, i.e. messages that one receives when he/she is next time online

Supporting various messaging types


You can personalize your user look:

Nick name to be used in chat rooms.
Lots of avatars available to provide a personal visual outlook for your user account.

When you login westOne first time, you will be registrated as a new user to westOne user database. Your friends, nick name and visual outlook will be stored to the server. If you login to westOne later from other device, your friends etc. will be automatically loaded from the server.

PC/Mac Clients:

westOne uses JabberTM protocol to communicate. This means that all JabberTM clients can be used to communicate with westOne. (This section is under construction).

There is discussion in the forums here. (