View Full Version : Moving contacts from MMC to Phone

29-06-2005, 09:51 AM
Hi, I have this new 3230 and I have used the NOKIA PC suite to transfer my contacts. They show up on the MMC card but not in my "Contacts" in the main menu. THis results in the names not showing up while the people on my list call me. Also I dont know how browse to the contacts in MMC to make a call.

Can someone help?

29-06-2005, 04:17 PM
Cant say this will help you but its worth a try, find the contacts.cdb on you MMC and copy it, then paste it in c:\system\data\ you will have to overwrite the file which is there so backup that one up first. You will also need fexplore installed to perform this as the system folder is not normally available with the phone file manager. Once you have copied the file to the right place, turn the phone off and back on and see if you now have your contacts, if it does not work either you put the file in the wrong place or its not the same type of file, if thats the case you will need to use the backup you saved before, hence saving a copy of that file first. You do all this at your own risk to your data and contacts which currently exsist, so please remember if it all screws up i did warn you first :) Hope you can get them in as you need them.