View Full Version : Thoughts on the N-Gage QD Accessories

22-06-2005, 02:53 PM
Over at GearLive ( they're discussing the add on peripherals that Nokia announced at E3 - while we've not seen review units of these (and it appears GearLive is going on what they saw at E3) they're not convinced that the peripheral's have quite hit the mark.

28-06-2005, 11:16 AM
From what I have read of the review, the writer is not impressed with any of the accessories.

I must admit I disagree with the writer and I reckon I will be purchasing the Dual bluetooth headset when it comes out for my QD.

Some of the accessories, like the external speaker and dual mmc reader backpack would in my eyes been more suited to the original n-gage than the QD. Considering that the QD has a hotswap port, there is little need for a dual mmc port but to look after that second game you like to carry around if you get bored of playing the first.

The speaker and backpack accessories would have far more significant benefits on the original N-gage than the QD if you ask me.

I will not go into great detail and remind everybody that had nokia invested a bit more time in a dual backpack for the original n-gage there would be less need to worry about a hotswap, though the position of the mmc on the N-gage would make a accessory like this difficult to produce.

There is nothing I would love more than to see the N-gage take off again and fight against the PSPs and DS with a greater force behind them.