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06-11-2002, 07:03 PM
In a recent press release ( Nokia said it was looking to ship 50-100 million colour devices next year and that Series 60 devices would represent 10 million of these. This represents massive sales of Symbian OS, and would outstrip with ease the entire PDA market (both Palm and MS combined).

Of course part of the reason is that they are fundamentally different markets. However you do have to ask yourself when does a PDA become a phone and a phone a PDA? The Series 60 range can do most things people want from a PDA - isn't it fair therefore that they qualify as PDA's?

This doesn't include other manufactuers Symbian devices. The first Simens Symbian device may be announced on the 25th of November and more are on the way. 2003 will be the year we see Symbian OS based phones everywhere. At a guess I'd say we were looking at sales near 20 million.

"Next year Nokia expects to ship 50-100 million devices which have a color display and an open application development platform. Of these phones, we expect roughly 10 million will be Series 60 based devices. The rest will be based on the Nokia operating systems and have the standard Open Mobile Alliance service enablers, including MMS, Java and browsing."

Almost one year ago Nokia announced it would make core software technology available to the industry in the form of its Series 60 platform. "The success of our Nokia Series 60 software platform is evident," said Ollila. "There are already hundreds of applications available and licensing agreements have been signed with several phone manufacturers, whose combined handset market share accounts for around 60%."

With the emergence of totally new categories in mobile devices, the transition to advanced mobile services is happening now. More than 60 network operators in Europe and Asia are already offering multimedia messaging services and the number is increasing every week. MMS-capable terminals, including those with digital cameras are in strong demand and more than one million Nokia 7650s, the company's first integrated camera phone, have already been sold.

06-11-2002, 07:44 PM
That should shut the PPC forum up with thier "Symbian is a dead OS"


06-11-2002, 08:20 PM
Please check this nice article too:

"The demand on Nokia 7650 has exceeded everything we have seen for any handset computer or communicator. The indication is very distinct. Here we talking about a mass-market" -- Jorma Ollila

06-11-2002, 08:29 PM
This fits in well with what I've just read over on ZDnet "Under-25s ditch chatrooms for SMS" (,,t269-s2125496,00.html). It seems that mobile devices and SMS are growing in popularity whilst internet and email use by the under 25's is actually falling :o . Internet use in the 4 main European contries seems to peak at 30% of the total population and has hardly any growth.

I bet this just what Bill wanted to hear ;).