View Full Version : Working with MS Word n Excel, 7710 = Rubbish!

19-05-2005, 05:42 AM
Hi All!

I bought my 7710 less than a week now. Had to save for some time, n after some research (7710, O2 Mini-Me, Dallab DP900) i parted with my hard earned $$$ for a 7710.

Well im happy with my 7710, more or less. My Powerpoints are readable, but then its choosy when it comes to Excel. Simple sheets are ok, with macros n all "Unable to open. File format not supported".

This really irritating message, "Unable to open. File format not supported" unbelievably comes out EVERYTIME i try to open any Word docs, no matter what version (97 n above). Is it just my fone? Damn, im gonna hafta travel 200kms to get it fixed then ;o(

Or, are there any other ways i can read my Word docs n ALL my Excel in 7710? Believe me, im thinking of chucking d 7710 for O2, but cant afford more $$$... HELP, please???


20-05-2005, 09:49 PM
There should be something wrong with your phone, because I have no problems reading documents written with Word from Office 2003!
The most complex formatting may have some limitations, but I can open all my docs

Of course excel cannot manage macro, it should be too complex, but I'm satisfied for normal excel sheets. Think that it can also manage excel documents including more sheets! One per window, but it can manage properly!