View Full Version : 3230 and TomTom Mobile Help Please

17-05-2005, 12:09 PM

I just got a new 3230 - pleased with the phone.

However, I'm hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting TomTom Mobile working on the damn thing.

I have follwed the following instructions from another thread...

1) Switch off phone and remove memory card, then place inside card reader.
2) Copy the folders named 2577 & TomTom onto the root of your memory card.
3) Copy the folder TTMOBILE into the System\Apps\ folder on your memory card.
4) Now, depending on your phones memory card size, pick the applicable map from the Maps folder,
JPG's have been included to show each maps coverage to aid in selection, and copy onto the
root of your memory card.
5) Place memory card back in phone ans switch on.
6) Turn on bluetooth on phone.
7) Turn on Bluetooth GPS Aerial.
8) Launch TomTom on phone ans answer simple setup questions.
9) Enjoy TomTom on your phone with your 3rd party GPS ;)

So - when I select the TomTom icon in the menu - it does nothing?

The screen just refreshes and thats it.

Can anyone help with this please?

I have a gut feeling this is due to one simple mistake.

Thanks in advance.