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16-04-2005, 09:20 AM
Appreciate feedback & (reasonable) sugestions.

*** From the ReadMe.txt ***

Extensor is a freeware MIDlet (Java mobile edition application) phone utility by Karambola!
Use, copy and distribute at will as long as you dont charge nor change anything.
This does not give you the right to reverse engineer, decompile, extract, use, copy, sell or distibute isolated sub-components.

It transforms numbers (up to 15 digits long) to a written text format.

Following languages, genders and formats are supported:
Languages: (* means beta stage, not yet reviewed/approved by native speaker)
- Deutsch*
- English*
- Español*
- Finnish
- Français
- Polski
- Italiano*
- Japanese* (extend < 10^3)
- Português
- Russki

- Male
- Female

- Extend
- Spell

It can help you:
Extend/Spell - learn numbers in foreign languages.
Extend - write an amount in a bank check of a non-native bank account.
Spell - speak a number over a very noisy voice line to a foreign listener.

Extend 2301
DE*-M => "zweitausenddreihunderteins"
DE*-F => "zweitausenddreihunderteine"

EN => "two thousand three hundred and one"

ES-M => "dos mil trescientos y un"
ES-F => "dos mil trescientas y una"

FI => "kaksi tuhtta kolmesataayksi"

FR-M => "deux mille trois cent un"
FR-F => "deux mille trois cent une"

IT* => "dua mila trecento uno"

PL => "dwa tysiace trzysta jeden"

PT-M => "dois mil trezentos e um"
PT-F => "duas mil trezentas e uma"

RU-M => "*** UNICODE ***"
RU-F => "*** UNICODE ***"

Spell 2301 (gender insensitive)
DE => "zwei, drei, null, eins"
EN => "two, three, zero, one"
ES => "dos, tres, zero, un"
FI => "kaksi, kolme, nolla, yksi"
FR => "deux, trois, zero, Un"
IT => "due, tre, zero, uno"
JP*=> "ni, san, rei, ichi"
PL => "dwa, trzy, zero, jeden"
PT => "dois, tres, zero, um"
RU => "*** UNICODE ***"

1 - Transfer the "Extensor.jar" file to your mobile phone (by bluetooth, infrared, cable or email).
2 - On Symbian phones .jar files are recognized and installed when opened.

MIDP1.0 devices
- phones
UIQ - SonyEricsson PXX, K700, ...
Nokia Series60, Series80, Series90
- PDAs

Keep looking for newer versions with more features and more languages.


I do not know how my original 17KB zip file, after uploading to this post, became 166kb.
After unzipping the Extensor.jar should be quite small, if it is not do not install.