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01-04-2005, 10:32 AM
Our final look at the re-invented gaming market (, as Chris struggles with three future visions, where the N-Gage, PSP or DS rule. Which is more likely? Find out if you agree with Chris.

01-04-2005, 11:12 AM
An amusing article that shows that dispite the abuse the N-gage recieved it is in fact a device more likely to win. At the time I remember that everyone wanted a Lynx or a Game Gear until they found out that their 6-8 batteries were dead in under 2 hours where their mate with a Gameboy could keep playing well after they popped to the shops. I can only assume that Atari and Sega had both bought shares in battery companies.

From my friends the experience was that no-one wanted the Gameboy it was black and white in a grey uninspiring box, where the GG and Lynx were both slightly more exciting with the colour screens et-al, but it was more a battle of atrriction and after the glory period wore off we all ended up with Gameboys. I think the N-gage is likely to do the same, it's there with a selection of games that may not be as powerful or slick as the others may manage, but when people see the games are cheaper and they can "play all day", as well as use it as a phone, is when the N-gage will start pulling more and more people.

01-04-2005, 01:59 PM
I disagree with Switchblade, I do not think the N-Gage will have nearly as long a shelf life (In whatever form) than both the DS or the PSP...i'm also quite sure that the PSP will outsell the DS overtime and once the price reaches a simlar(ish) level to the DS.

Sony has become what Nintendo was in the late 80's and early 90's....Nintendo on the other hand have sold very few game cube consoles compared to the PS2 (Or even the Xbox). Although this is a portable market and Sony have no experience in this field, I certainly expect to see strong correlation between the Home and Portable market in terms of sale figures.

People tend to stay with what they know and although Nintendo has a strong (Although not as strong as it used to be) following for the Gamboy and portable games systems. I think Sony have a much stronger following over all.

There are also other factors to consider:

1: Items such as these have become fashion accessories rather than functional tools (Can anyone say Ipod)...note that the PSP Valuepack comes with nice white shiney ear phones just like the Ipod, has Movie and Mp3 playback as well as a Linux port on the way, add to that the fact that you can play the games networked over the internet with the addition of Tunneling software (Already available) and a wireless router.

2: Sony/PSP will be far more popular with the Over 21+ age group and this has become a the largest age group/sector for the games industry...back in the 80's I'm guessing that most of Nintendos sales were aimed at the 8-20's market, this has completely changed now with the addition of 18+ rated games such as Grand Theft Auto.

3: Quality of games titles and GFX are also an important factor for the PSP, as it will carry very high quality and well known ports of games from the PS2, such as Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo 4 (Mobile)

4: I'd say 75%+ of the time these Portable Games consoles are actually used indoors, so battery life moves shomewhat further down the list of importance...I actually imported a PSP early Febuary, I've just sold it in the past few days to a member on this forum. I probably only got about 2-3 hours use out of it in 2 months I owned it..but in that time I bet only 10mins was actually played outside of the house.

That's my $0.02

02-04-2005, 12:40 PM
The N-Gage QD lacks stereo sound. If the rumor of the N-Gage 2 having a VGA-size screen are true it will be considerably bigger and possess shorter battery life than the QD. I like my QD, but playing games on my PSP is more enjoyable despite the shorter battery life.

02-04-2005, 08:48 PM
Ah but you are pushing the same argument that one would have used to sell a Lynx or a Gamegear. Atari had a huge name in gaming, both machines had better gfx than the Gameboy etc etc, but 16 colour greyscale and good batterylife won.

04-04-2005, 10:18 AM
Well, lets see in a years time......I'm fairly confident that this will happen....Advertising is another factor for the list, N-Gage gets very little public awareness apart from the launch.

It's also looked at from Joe Public as a Mobile phone rather than a PSP/DS competitior....Mobile phones tend to have a very short shelf life. I think a lot will depend on the next (if there is one) N-Gage, Nokia will have to pull something special off to compete with the likes of these two in my eyes.

Ah but you are pushing the same argument that one would have used to sell a Lynx or a Gamegear. Atari had a huge name in gaming, both machines had better gfx than the Gameboy etc etc, but 16 colour greyscale and good batterylife won.