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01-04-2005, 05:56 AM
May I ask a couple of questions on my new 6260:
1. After installing many programs to the 6260, it seems to take up much longer to start the phone (up to 20s). Is it normal?
2. As I wonder is the slow startup relating to not completely uninstalling programs and some resident problems remain in the system, will there be some applications (like clearing registry in windows) to check the phone?
3. In windows, I can clear up the hard disk to get a fresh and clean system. Will it be possible for 6260 or the S60?
4. Are there any programs that can tune up the 6260, (I have awared there are memory cleaning programs already)?
5. On startup, some message popup - App. Closed? How can I trace which program causes this?
6. Inside Manager, I found a lot of installed programs. Some are not actual programs, but just component needed by other programs (e.g. AppForge Booster, Fuser Functions, etc.) How can I know if it's really needed or just leftover?
Thanks a lot for all your help.

01-04-2005, 06:41 AM
Good questions.

1. The number of programs should not matter, but if they are programs that start up automatically, they probably have some kind of impact (depends a bit on what programs and what they do, exactly).

2. & 3. You can do a full reformat to get the phone back to the state where it was when it left the factory where it was made. Instructions posted many times here:

4. Not really, as far as I know. FExplorer ( is the first tool I install on every phone.

5. Uninstall app, restart. When it stops, the last program you uninstalled caused it.

6. Unfortunate and not easy to keep track of with apps that install many components and don't clean up after themselves when uninstalled. Only sure way is to ask the application developer.