View Full Version : i just got my 7710 and here is my comments

21-03-2005, 10:17 AM
i just replaced my beloved p800 with the new 7710 and this is my 3rd day with the new phone .. and these are my comments

1) the phone may feel very bulky even i is not heavy at all

2) i think compared to the P800 it is much slower which may irritate me some times

3) the image quality is very nice

4) the video capture is not so different from the 6610 .. ( or this is how o felt)

5) i don't know why all the games included in the package seems very stupid !!! why aren't they as cool as the P910 games ??? !!!

6) also there is one thing also that irritates me very much .. that the phone does every thing automatic .. meaning that u don't have to setup the GPRS connection manually any more .. even if u need to .. u cant .. which make me feel more like using a baby phone more than a professional one

7)i think their are many many things that could have been included in the software .. like for exaple ( seting the alarm to open the radio .. having a big clock as a screen saver .. ets )

8) in the dark i could not unlock the phone easly .. cose i could not find the unlock bottns couse they dont have backlight wich is vey strange and is very very very wierd

these are my personal comments till now .. please if any one have any other comments or solutions please update

05-04-2005, 01:31 PM
Thanks for the info, planning on getting one I really like the features and fucntionality despite the design quibbles you have. But they must still be slightly annoying for you! I'm looking forward to the screen most, widescreen with good resolution, have you watched a film on it?