View Full Version : New: AniViewer and PhotoJotter for the 7650

28-10-2002, 01:34 AM
Jari Laaksonen has announced the availability of two further programs. Aniviewer is an animated gif viewer (it shows a continuous loop) and Photo Jotter is a database for photographers.

AniViewer is a freeware animation viewer for Series 60. Is shows animated GIF's in a continuous loop.


- select image (any image, not just animated gif) from Photo Album
- shows continuous loop of animated gifs
- installation package has English and Finnish versions

PhotoJotter is a database program for photographers. You can enter shooting location, subject, date, speed & aperture settings and objective used. Note that this has nothing to do with the integrated camera of Nokia 7650 or 3650 phone.


- record fields: location, subject, time & date, shutter speed, aperture, objective, comments
- create new record just by pressing number key
- browse database in view mode
- send selected records as plain text file via email, SMS, MMS, IR, Bluetooth (not available in demo version)
- unlimited number of records (in demo version limit is 36 records, just enough for one film roll)
- installation package has English and Finnish versions

Both are avilable via