View Full Version : New: CellHalma for the Nokia 7650

28-10-2002, 01:30 AM
Cellsoft have introduced their third multiplayer game for SymbianOS based handsets. The game, called CellHalma, is a traditional strategy game that can be played as multiplayer game over Bluetooth, or as a single-player game against the smart phone.

Continued press release:
"Bluetooth enabled smart phones, like Nokia's 7650 with SymbianOS, are excellent platforms for multiplayer games. CellHalma is our third game for this emerging multiplayer game market", says Esa Ketola, President, Cellsoft, Inc.Halma is played on a familiar checkered board, with the goal of moving all your pieces from one corner to the diagonally opposite corner, before your opponent can do the same.

Pieces can make any number of consecutive jumps over other pieces, in any direction, creating impressive move sequences, and an incredible number of possible moves every turn.Initially, CellHalma will run on Nokia 7650 and other SymbianOS handsets will be supported as they become available.

CellHalma demo-version is available for download from Cellsoft's website ( CellHalma can be purchased via Handnago here (affiliate link) (