View Full Version : N-gage userbase now "1.5 million"

14-01-2005, 11:16 AM
In a rare indication of sales figures, the president of Vir2L Studios (the developers of Elder Scrolls: Shadowkey ( on the N-Gage) has posted ( on the official Elder Scrolls message boards that the estimated userbase of the N-Gage is 1.5 million. The post (explaining why Vir2L chose the N-Gage format instead of Symbian) coupled with Nokia's "1 million N-gages" statement last September shows solid albeit unspectacular growth for the format. It also indicates that the QD has sold more units and much more quickly than the original model, which shipped around 500,000 before being discontinued. The QD was a step in the right direction, it seems.