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17-10-2002, 10:34 AM
A new version of the P800 white paper has appeared on the Mobility World of the Ericsson site. The white paper is called P800_wp_oct.pdf ( Additionally it is now possible to see a preliminary userguide for the P800 on the FCC website. It is available in PDF format in two parts, part 1 here ( and part 2 here ( The full news story includes details and screenshots on some of what is new. Games, PC customisation of the phone, PC MMS ediot and more. The P800 looks set to become the superphone.

The last white paper was from the Spring and the new whitepaper features more information on additional profile, the memory stick (16MB apears to be the standard).

There are many updates, but some of the interesting (and glamorous are included below):
Above is an image from the Men in Black II: Alien Pursuit Game which is described thus, 'The Men In Black agents are once again called to handle an emergency situation. A transporter carrying alien criminals lands on the roof of a shopping mall. Men In Black agents C and R must clean up the mess and hunt down the aliens that are running loose. To play, select which agent you want to be. You will be automatically moved through the shopping mall. Aliens are running around. You can shoot them using the stylus. Your basic weapon has a capacity of 6 shots. It is reloaded by tapping the gun icon or rolling the Jog Dial. Shooting certain aliens will win you a weapon upgrade. The aliens are armed and will shoot back!'
The above image is from the Stunt Car Extreme game.
The above images is a screenshot of software for the PC. It is a PC MMS Editor described like this by SE: Sony Ericsson MMS Composer
The Sony Ericsson MMS Composer will be extended to enable animations and MMS messages to be created for the P800. Through an easy to use click and drag interface, and using a graphical timeline it is possible to experience and create MMS messages like never before.
Images and sounds can be located in the browser and then dragged on to a slide. Objects can also be dragged from external applications and dropped on to slides.

Images are resized automatically and the MMS Composer also converts WAV sounds into the AMR sound format. A complete message may be played back on a ‘virtual P800’ on the PC screen. Messages may be exported to the P800 and stored on the PC.
The above image is a screenshot of the PC software Image Editor described: Sony Ericsson Image Editor lets the user crop, zoom, rotate and adjust colour, contrast and brightness settings for many PC image file formats, and send them directly to the P800. The image can then be used by any application that can access image files on the P800 storage. Typical uses are to create Wallpapers, prepare pictures of contacts and images to use in MMS messages.


18-10-2002, 07:33 AM
I notice that the P800 doesn't support the bluetooth file server profile, but does support the object exchange protocol.

Is it going to be possible to push arbitrary files from a PC to a P800 via bluetooth and then have those files used by a particular custom application? Say, I'd like to have my home PC download some content (stock prices, currency exchange rates, etc) off the internet whilst I am sleeping, but then have that content wirelessly replicated to the P800 via Bluetooth. Then I would use an application (not one of the built in apps) to browse that content (rather than incur GPRS charges for example). I'm thinking of something along the lines of AvantGo or Mazingo possibly, in the Pocket PC or Palm world.

Would this even be possible the 7650?