View Full Version : New: Remote S80 for 9500

10-12-2004, 01:25 AM
Mobileways has announced Remote S80 ( which allows you to control your Nokia 9500 from your desktop or PC. It operates via a Java 1.0 applet in any browser. You can also view file listings from your Communicator in your browser. You connect via the WLAN functionality.

Author's Description:
Operate your 9500 Communicator from your desktop or notebook computer.

With Remote S80 you can control your 9500 Communicator by using your PC''s keyboard and mouse. Access and operate all applications on your Communicator from your favourite Java 1.0 enabled Web Browser.

Remote S80 helps you compose SMS, enter contacts, or manage your Communicator''s settings with ease. This is a great tool for your everyday tasks as well as for presentations, tutorials or device development and application testing.

Features of Remote S80:

* Remote control your 9500 Communicator through a Web-based interface
* Realtime display of the Communicator''s screen
* Use your keyboard and mouse to navigate on your Communicator
* Take screenshots of the Communicator''s screen (Windows 24bit BMP)
* Browse or download files on your Communicator through a web-based interface
* Integrated HTTP 1.0 Web Server and Java 1.0 compatible applet
* HTTP Basic Authentication for access control to your Communicator
* Conveniently choose, start and stop WLAN connections