View Full Version : Ximplify SeleQ 1.20i Adds Yet More Features

14-10-2002, 11:12 AM
Users of Ximplify's ( SeleQ will be pleased to see yet another free upgrade, an upgrade which provides at least one function that many will see as a deciding factor in whether or not it's worthwhile...

Version 1.20i of Ximplify SeleQ has the following new features:

Set Operator Logo - One of the most requested function in web forums
is now available for free. Use SeleQ to choose any image file in your
phone (*.bmp, *.jpg or *.gif) and set it as operator logo. SeleQ will
automatically resize and rename the image for you according to your
Operator settings.

Copy Inbox - Copy attachments from your messaging Inbox and paste it
to any selected folder.

Run Symbian EXE file via Open command.

Additional language versions including Danish, Dutch, French,
Portuguese and Spanish thanks to our translators around the world.

The special price period has ended, so you're going to have to pay up the full $18 if you haven't yet registered, but for all the functionality it provides, I still think it's cheap as chips.

You can buy it from Handango here ( ACC5XE4XBC19B8XA3E69D3C&platformId=4&productType=2 &productId=40535&sectionId=0&catalog=20) (affiliate link).

31-10-2002, 10:55 AM
what does run symbian EXE with open command do???

02-11-2002, 04:55 PM
can i send any picture as an operator logo to another 7650 mobile ?
to be set as an operator logo ?