View Full Version : OPL Runtime for 9500 Released

28-11-2004, 10:57 PM
OPL (The Open Programming Language for Symbian OS) is now available for the Nokia 9500 and other Series 80 v2.0 devices (such as the 9300). With this runtime, OPL programs for the 9210 should run happily on the new device. The runtime can be found at the Sourceforge Project page (

This is not the full 9500 OPL Package, it consists of a runtime suitable only for the 9500/9500 (v1.53) and Nokia 9210, 9210i and 9290 owners should continue to use v1.51. You can download OPL-DEV.sis from the 9210 Developers pack and use this to program on the device.

Those of you using the PC SDK Suite to develop should continue using the 9210 SDK.

Please note that the "Add to Desk" functions, along with some OPX functions (IR, PLP Remote Links and System Times are not working, and still need some work. Other than that, all exisiting 9210 OPL apps should work. Any bugs? post them here or post into the Sourceforge bug tracker.

29-11-2004, 01:05 AM
Great news! Thanks to you, Rick et al.