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28-11-2004, 05:42 AM

I just bought a 9500 communicator and it looks great. I am a 9210 user and I donít have much difficulty in handling the new phone since it works around with the same concept. I just have some questions that you guys might help me out:

1. Can we make the Z drive reappear again just like in the 9210?
2. What are some tips and steps wherein we can free up more space in the device? (I remember we use to reinstall all apps to MMC and move some specific files from C to D) Is there also such steps?
3. Can we use the .sis files for the 9210?
4. Can we only assign only 1 app for My Own?
5. Can we move the MobiReader and ScriptWizard elsewhere besides the Desk? Meaning, can we move the 2 icons in another folder?
6. Is there any other Movie Player (for FREE) besides Real Player? Like playing MPEG and WMV.
7. According to the User Guide, the Powerpoint files it can only recognize are Powerpoint 97 or later. So that means I canít view my powerpoint 2000 files?
8. What are the dimensions of the Desk and Phone Wallpaper so I can customize the size of the picture I want to be placed?
9. Where is the generic/ default wallpapers located in the file manager? Can we access it?
10. Are there sites now where we can get files to change/ customize the Desk (including the Right Panel- just like the 9210)?
11. Is Switcher available?
12. What are other important things I need to know to get started?

Thanks and hoping to get some assistance. Greetings to all!


28-11-2004, 05:55 AM
Hope these helps:
-For 1 & 2, You may no longer need that. The native apps in the 9500 resides in ROM. The user memory is 80mb and reserved only for all user files/apps.
-Some 9210 apps works w/ the 9500, most do not.
-1 app assignment only for the MY OWN key.
-You can move the icons in different folders.
-It says Powerpoint 97 or later. I guess 2000 is later than 97, right?
-The dimension of the PDA wallpaper is 462x200.
-Yes you can access the built in wallpapers. i.e., when you change wallpapers you access it.
-A built in task manager is available (to end and switch tasks).
-As for #12, read the manual and search in this forum.

28-11-2004, 06:41 AM
Thanks for the prompt assistance.
Can I access the extract the wallpaper from the file manager? So I can delete it or save the JPEG file in my PC. I use the base the size of the wallpapers I make on them.
What are the apps that are applicable and free?