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24-11-2004, 05:41 PM
Hello :)

My boyfriend's Nokia 6260 has a problem, which is a bug confirmed by Nokia: The application "Web" won't run. When trying to start it either via the menu or by pressing "0" for a few seconds, it starts up very briefly (ca. 1.5 sec) and then brings an error:

"Web: Memory full. Close some applications and try again."

Now, as a matter of fact, there are none applications running in the background except "Telephone". It does it also directly after rebooting the phone. The first time it happened when the phone was just two days old, and a *#7370# fixed it. However, it came again another two days later and nothing will help now. The Nokia Care Center said "yes, that is a known bug in this phone, the application corrupts and then the phone needs a software upgrade" but they don't yet have the service equipment for this model, since it is STILL not officially released in Thailand (altough quite everywhere available thru grey imports from all over asia).

Now, i have installed "Opera" on it and that runs fine, but the problem is that ringtone downloads and the "TV on mobile" service can not be used with Opera, this needs the original "Web" thing.

Yesterday i installed "Netfront" as well, since it works great on my 3650 and is a lot daster in loading pages than Opera. However.........


Now this puzzles me. It looks almost like the original "Web" uses the "Netfront" engine.... can that be? Or the other way round, Netfront uses the Nokia "Web" engine..? However, my question is now:

Is there a way to fix this without reflashing? Because reflashing is simply not possible, with Nokia themself not having the necessary equipment as yet.

Following "tricks" already tried (and failed):

-different SIM
-different MMC
-no MMC
-"safe mode" (in fact doesn't seem to work at all)
-all 3rd party stuff uninstalled, THEN *#7370# (basically put the phone in factory condition)
-set to "no theme"
-staring at the phone for 14 minutes and wishing it would work

Nothing helped. Still the same error. Now does anyone here know how to fix that..?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS don't tell me to "bring it back"... Nokia hasn't officially launched it yet, so they won't swap it. And the shop where it was bought (grey import!) refuses to swap, refers to Nokia and it's warranty.

Kind regards....


25-11-2004, 06:37 PM
As for Opera being slow - check out the accelerator service that Opera has got:

Access this page to increase the download speed of the browser:

It is free for 14 days. Costs money after the 14 days, but is worth trying at least... Will do no harm.

Have unfortunately not got any good answers for your problems with the built in browser and Netfront...

26-11-2004, 01:06 PM
Hello :)

That "Accelerator" thing won't be available... because there is no way to pay for it. You can't buy it in a shop, but online... and that requires a credit card. Neither me nor my BF got one, and besides, Opera then still won't be able to d/l ringtones, games or even bloody wallpapers! Using Opera on a wallpaper d/l wap-site, we always get the error "Sorry, your phone models is not supported". The same error comes when trying to use the "TV on mobile" service, where you can actually watch TV via GPRS. The actual page opens, but when it comes to clicking the desired channel (which would start RealPlayer to get the streaming part of the deal going) it comes up again "Sorry, your model is yet not supported". With the original "Web" thing of course everything worked fine!

Besides, on the 3650 Opera is useless in my opinion. I alwayts needed to reboot the phone before starting Opera, otherwise it would complain "Memory low. Opera was unable to free enough memory (at least 2.4 MB) to run. Please delete some data and try again". And even with a GIGAbyte of free mem, after opening two pages it would complain again about "low memory". Opera sucks, Netfront is way better in terms of mem usage (but THAT one sucks if it comes to rendereing... aaargh is there any good browser out there?)

Kind regards.....

your Thanh