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Alex Januschewsky
27-08-2001, 08:33 AM
i heard about some rumors that taskmanager 1.12f will sometimes cause a crash. i had this experience too. i use system soft 3.54 and it worked fine to me. after installing i recognized that the phone itself sometime powers off for no reason. any comments on that?


28-08-2001, 12:22 PM
I've also experience the same problem but not able to confirm if it is due to task manager since Nokia firmware 3.53 is still very buggy.

29-08-2001, 09:09 AM
Its been suggested that the developers have been using 3.14 firmware and not 3,54 and this has cause some incompatiability problems. It is a good program, but its not essesntial IMHO.

You might want to try upgrading to the recently released 1.20 version, and of course try contacting the authors.