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23-09-2004, 12:26 AM
hi, i finally ordered a sendo x on and should be gettin it in a few days. i feel like a child already and can barely wait til i get my hands on my new phone. the last phone i bought was the siemens sl45 back in jan 2001 when it was the first phone with an mp3 player :D, i remember i had to send it back to siemens 4 times because of bugs and eachtime i got a new one.
anyways to be honest with u i am kinda scared about all the bugs that i have read in this forum about the sendo x. but i really wanted a new phone, i was plannin to get one since i heard about the siemens sx1 last year. but when the sx1 was released i heard about the sendo x so i was like ok i will wait til april 04 and get the sendo x....oooh boy was the wait loooonnnggggg. i was almost gonna wait on the sony s700 but then decided against the sony cuz first of all it aint a smartphone and secondly cuz it supports those expensive and small capacity sony pro duo bluestick crap.
i just wish that sendo would have installed a mega pixel lens in there after all this delay :( and a 262k screen, i know in a few months time all new high end phones are gonna have those two features(actually my bro in law has the siemens s65 and i must say the pics are quite good in normal light conditions)
but on the other hand if i dont like the X i think i might be able to sell it for a profit out here in dubai since nobody has heard of it or has it, maybe i can sell it to some rich shiekh for a thousand euros:D
hmm well i think i didnt really give any tips or nothin but i have been readin this sendo x forum for a week now and since i am so excited about gettin my phone i just couldnt hold all my excitment in me:) i even downloaded the new firmware from the sendo, feel like 13 already:)
anyways hope my phone doesnt have all the bugs and cracking sound or the flickerin screen and the other "minor" problems that some seemed to have had in here:)
cya when i get my X. i luv the name btw:) "what phone do u have?" " i got the X" :D SLICK!!

ps: for those of u who must be thinkin> damn this guys usin the same phone for 4 yrs now>>> i really didnt think the phones that came out in these 4 years were much better than my sl45(later sl45i) , besides the sendo z100 which unfortunately didnt come out a few(?) years ago, funny the z100 was gonna have a 65k screen too and now the x has 65k too, HOW COME PEOPLE AT SENDO DIDNT PUT A 262K SCREEN ON THE X:(?

ok ok i am out .....4 now:)

26-09-2004, 10:46 PM
well i finally got my x yesteray and have been playin with it all the time except for when i am eating, showerin, and drivin(i do TRY to bluejack people at traffic lites thou, still havent figured how to send automatic messages to people when i find them, ANY SUGGESTIONS:)?)
anyways i must say i am not at all disappointed for waiting so long to get a new phone.
the build quality is good, mine doesnt squeak or anythin when i am typin messages, the screen does flicker SOMETIMES but its not too bad(hell maybe its gonna be fixed in a FW) . its quite small, yes its thick but i dont think its that thick(maybe its cuz i dont wear tight pants :D)
it only froze once on me when i had to take the battery out , i remember my sl45i used to freeze aloooooooooooooooooot more.
the only thing that is kinda annoying is the material that the battery cover is made-up of, its so thin, delicate that i already got two minor dents on it. anyways its not that bad since a new battery cover cant be that expensive:)
ooh yeah the picture quality is ok, nothin great or anything but not that bad either. just dont show the pics to anybody in japan cuz they are gonna laugh their butts off(damn japs got 2megapix on their phones already:( )
another thing, i bought a 1gb mmc card for it today, u have to format it to FAT because the X doesnt read FAT32 formatted cards.
does anybody know how to watch movies on it? i already downloaded the nokia media convertor and smart movie, but i dont know which compression i have to use on the nokia convertor in order to be able to view the movie on the phone, also with smart movie, do i also have to install the codecs on the X or just the sis file? if anybody can help me out it'd be cool, otherwise i will just have to search google and experiment around til i figure it out:P

anyways for u guys who dont know if u wanna buy the X or not , lemme tell u its the best lookin symbian phone around, its got some extras(the voice reg prog is quite cool if u wanna show off;) ) and its quite exclusive(Atleast out in dubai it is, i went to get a 3.5 adapter so i can plug in my normal headphones and the salemen all were like>>> WHATS THAT? WHERE DID U GET IT? HOW MUCH ? BLA BLA BLA:D . one guy wanted to even buy it off me:D )

bla bla bla, me out for now, just installed the new FW on my baby:D

27-09-2004, 11:59 PM
what settings do u guys use when u convert a movie on smart movies ?? i used xvid codec and around 32kbps but the pic stalls alot on the X and the sound keeps breaking up. i tired installing smartmovies on the mmc and on the X but didnt notice any difference. would be nice if somebody could tell me how to make smart movie from lonely cat work smoothly on my X. i downloaded the latest version(2.47)
also any programs that anybody knows that automatically sends a message via BT once another BT device is AUTOMATICALLY found? i tried mobiluck but it doesnt send a message automatically(version 2.15 beta) and bluejackx (ver 0.9)

25-06-2007, 11:42 PM
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