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22-09-2004, 08:24 PM
I dont want post only problems, so today I want post some hints. Could be, that you all know this tricks - if si - then sorry. But I didn't find this informations in the manual:

To install apps with the on board programme manager (or appliaction manager, I don't know the english name), you must place the SIS-file in c:\nokia\installs

Same with Java-Files, to install with "Jave controll" or so.

It is also posible to install programmes with the DocView (anywhere).. The must only be in a ZIP. Open the ZIP with DocView and then the SIS and the installing starts. Without ZIP, the DocView do not know what is to do with a SIS :frown:

In agenda (or calendar ?) I was missing a function to go to "today", quickly. With # it do it.

Hop, it helps some guy