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18-09-2004, 09:51 PM
hey ya'll,
I am in australia, release 30.80.12 A925
Believe it or not, but I have reason to believe that someone is hacking into my 925's. Here are the facts as far as I know.
A920 & A925's have Public IP addresses (at least while on mobile internet '3netaccess'(goto ifriends site from 925, and go to the second registration page, and it will tell u your IP address.)
3g australia do not have a firewall between the internet and the phone. Erricson network engineers have just confirmed this, 5 mins ago. They claim that what I am saying it is not possible, but they are investigating it. usually takes 2 - 8 weeks.
I am still looking for a firewall program to install on the 925. which would fix the problem. anyone know of one?

over the past few months, some very wierd things have been happening on my 925's when I have 3netaccess set up.

Reciently, I have been using mobile internet on my 925 quite a bit, but even after I disconnect from 3netaccess, it sometimes reconnects automatically.
And my MUSIC HAS BEEN STARTING TO PLAY FOR NO REASON?!? considering that there is no firewall, and the IP address of the 925 is public, it seems very likely that a hacker has found an access point into the 925, and is able to controll the phone to some extent .

Also, there was another call connected to my brothers fone, even though he hadn't made any calls, or even answered any until i rang him. when he answered my call, he saw that there was already another call connected to a 'Unknown' number for 20 minutes. when I looked through the log, he had recieved a 4 minute call just before the 20 minute one. THIS SEEMS PARANOID but it happened. fone didn't ring, call didn't show on screen until I called. then it showed as a conference call.
Has anyone else had this???
Any ideas? an I right or wrong?

Alien bandit
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19-09-2004, 06:56 AM

What you've stated sounds not as made a possible. If infact the the IP address allowes inbound traffic (nat'd or not), then YES, I think you have a problem.

With 3 been anal about telling anybody about anything when it comes to the phone technology, and that your paying for this (ie you've got a A925 thats costing a fortune), I recommend that you request a firewall to block all incoming traffic at 3 network. Remember you will be paying for this...

If 3 cannot do anything, either network or phone, talk to a senior manager, tell them you are going to the TIO and the Press. Be firm and don't bullshit him. Call the TIO (telecomms. Industry Ombudsman) ASAP and complain like hell. If you get no luck there within 2 days, then call Channel 9 ACA... I am sure they would love to hear about this...

But beaware, 3 will protect its arse all the way to the bank. Be prepared for publicity..


20-09-2004, 03:59 PM
my 925 kinda likes to play music at random, always at the most inopertune moments. my phone is english, so i cant get net access, so i know its not that. My phone also occaisionaly rings people, but it sounds like different symptoms. it usualy hapens when im getting a little enthusiastic on test drive 2 on the picodrive.

do you by anychance have a button set up for music on your home screen?

22-09-2004, 03:32 PM
I doubt anyone's hacked into your phone. There's no evidence of any 'real' symbian viruses in the open, let alone a trojan! It's probably just buggy software that's causing your problems. But you never know...