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14-09-2004, 06:11 AM
Nokia have revealed some more details on their hoped for Flagship MMC Game, Pathway to Glory ( Along with the Arena Network Play, you'll be able to issue orders and communicate with other members of your squad using the N-Gage as a Walkie-Talkie. Messages will be transferred through the arena service. Two arena multiplayer variants are available - one which where the players canset all the variables, and another where you play opponents of equal skill (dependent on your rating) to gain points and promotion in the online ranking system. RedLynx have also been announced as the Developers of the game.


NOKIA PRESS RELEASE September 13, 2004

Pathway to Glory Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming With Online Features

Exclusive N-Gage only title developed by RedLynx on track for November release

Espoo, Finland - Nokia announced today additional online features for its critically acclaimed Second World War action-packed strategy game, Pathway to Glory. This exclusive N-Gage game features innovative and unique ways for gamers around the globe to connect, compete, cooperate and communicate in the online multiplayer game mode. Players can either connect to collaborate and compete in a Global Battle Ground via the N-Gage Arena, or set up a local multiplayer game of up to six players via Bluetooth wireless technology.

One of Pathway to Glory's groundbreaking features is the advanced in-game communication system that ensures communication between players and strengthens the co-operation between allies. The Field Radio feature enables gamers to send voice messages to each other during the game, which get transmitted as a though a player's N-Gage game deck was acting as a field radio. This is a world first for mobile gaming and showcases the possibilities that the N-Gage platform provides for game developers. The pre-configured message system allows gamers to use predefined text messages within the game that can then be sent to other players, for example calling for backup or ordering an air strike.

In the Global Battle Ground, players can choose from four different campaigns consisting of 12 extensive multiplayer levels with support for up to 48 soldiers and 16 vehicles in a single battleground. Detail-rich battleground environments range from Sicily and the Rhein to Normandy, with a permanent damage system in place to add an additional level of realism.

"The development team behind Pathway to Glory wanted to bring something truly unique to the market, and we have joined them in going beyond what was previously thought to be possible in a mobile game. We are proud to say that what initially started as an ambitious goal from the developer has now turned into online reality via the N-Gage Arena," says Gerard Wiener, Director, Network Gaming Solutions, Nokia.

Another innovative feature enables gamers to search on-going Pathway to Glory games via the N-Gage Arena and choose which game they want to join. The Go-to-friend feature lets gamers check their N-Gage Arena Buddy List to see which friends are online and then join in the same game that their friends are playing.

Nokia also disclosed that Helsinki-based RedLynx is the developer behind the game. With a handpicked team consisting of experts in game development and cellular networks, RedLynx has delivered an exciting range of revolutionary mobile gaming features.

"Working with Nokia to craft a flagship N-Gage title has been a huge opportunity for us. Nokia's uncompromising focus to create a superior quality product has given us the drive and determination to build the best possible game that we could," says Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx.

"We've been impressed with Red Lynx's ability to not only deliver a world class game, but also for their innovation and creativity in making the most of what the N-Gage platform can offer," said Toni Virhiä, Senior Producer, Pathway to Glory. "Their hard work and dedication will ensure that Pathway to Glory will amaze gamers around the world."

Pathway to Glory has two game modes: a Ranked game mode and a Filtered game mode. The Ranked game mode enables gamers to compete based on their Global Military Rank against players of a similar rank. This ensures easy access for casual and beginning gamers to fight against equally skilled opponents. Players advance in the Global Military Ranking System by earning medals and ranks based on personal heroism, co-operation, communication and common success in battleground. The Filtered game mode allows gamers to create a game and choose the level(s) for the battleground, while choosing the number of players and soldiers for each team and defining the length of the turn for both sides.

Pathway to Glory is expected to be in stores in November 2004.