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11-09-2004, 05:28 PM
Hey gang,

I discovered this forum about a week ago, after I had ordered (finally!) my
SX-1 McLaren from the UK. I live in the Chicago area and let me tell those of
you who are not in the US, the cell phone provider phones generally suck
around here. AT&T and Cingular have a few good ones now, but nothing in
the league of the SX-1 in terms of features. I am also a Formula One nut,
so even though last summer (2003) I had seen previews about the
Siemens SX-1 on, I hadn't decided to really buy one
until the limited edition McLaren version was anounced back in late April
of this year.

I can't believe I finally have the thing. I want to take it to a T-Mobile store
(I have T-Mobile's awful service, and I thought AT&T was bad before) and get
the internet settings setup on it just to show the thing off. I saw the forum
posts on here from a while back from another person asking about T-Mobile
internet settings so I can always fall back on that.

Jeez, this thing is so badass. I can't wait to start getting used to all the
features. Has anyone had experience with the Mobymemory place that has
banner ads on this site? I was eyeing their 1 Gig memory card hungrily
wanting to get it at some point, but I've seen some other 1 Gig MMC cards
on ebay for a bit less. Plus the hassle of buying yet another thing from the UK,
doing paypal, etc might be avoided.

As promised, here are some pictures below of my new McLaren SX-1. My wife
disapproves of the whole thing, but I love phone gadgets. And I've lived with
the crappy Sony-Ericsson T68i for a long time (slow-ass menus, poor call
quality, no features) so I made sure I really looked at all the options before
blowing the money on the SX-1.

Sorry for the length of the message. I'll try to be brief in future posts.

11-09-2004, 07:22 PM
Seeing the photos makes me wonder if I can at least change the covers and buttons with the same black of the limited edition SX1. It looks really very very very nice...

By the way the t68 was a great phone when it was first released. Now it just sucks...

17-09-2004, 05:04 PM
I wonder if O2's and Mobiltec's black casings are as good as this.