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01-09-2004, 09:49 PM
I got my SX1 today and love it except for the nightmare I am having getting it connected to my PC - (P4 3Ghz, Asus P4c800e Dlx, Windows XP +SP2)

I downloaded the latest software from Siemens and installed it. I connected my phone but nothing happened. I unplugged it from my USB hub and connected it directly to the USB port and got a "USB power surge error" message popping up as a yellow info bubble. I quickly unplugged the phone but now I cannot get mRouter to detect any USB. I get com 1,2, Infrared and Bluetooth.

I have tried most of what I can think of, uninstalled the software, re-installed. Disabled and enabled USB in the BIOS. Uninstalled USB in the device manager and re-installed, did a system restore, changed USB ports on my PC, NOTHING !

I googled for USB power surges but found nothing of help. USB still works as I have a USB HDD connected ???

I have run out of ideas and wonder if anyone has seen anything similar.

01-10-2004, 12:48 AM
i'm still searching for where i saw it, but one guy said, go into system management and disable your laptop's LPT port [i assumed that meant either an "LPT1" type of descriptor or a parallel port.

i did that to my laptop, an hp pavilion zd7140us, and voila! no more of those REALLY annoying popup bubbles.

ciao from

09-10-2004, 04:20 PM;en-us;870893&Product=windowsxpsp2

sekker 13
14-12-2004, 07:48 AM

I have a:

P4 3.2 Ghz CPU, HT enabled
4 x 400Gb Hard Drives, full RAID and striped
256 MB Graphics Card
128 Sound Card (audigy 7:1)
8 USB ports.

, Whenever I plug in a device, I get a popup to say there is a power surge on the port. No matter what I do, I cant see the device. Any ideas?

21-06-2005, 07:40 PM
Hi i had a similar problem. I got two (20 gig) USB 2.5 inches HDD with no external power connection except the USB power connection. My laptop(Dell Inspiron 8600) kept saying power surge problem.

I used to get similar messages. Thought a lot but couldnt get it to work.

I solved the problem myself. It was so simple but difficult to think about the solution. Now i can enjoy hours of HDD access without any error notifications.

Listen .. The error message says Power surge , Hub exceeded power limits. So our USB HDD needs more power or say current. Right now we are giving it current from only one source -- 1 USB port ( output current = 500mA ) max. our USB HDD has no external power source. Its input current rating is 10mA but somehow I dont know why 500mA is insufficient for it. So we need more current. EUREKA!! Why not give it current from 2 USB ports instead of just one ? Well u must be thinking how ?

I got this wire from the company i got the external enclosure for the HDD from which is a USB generic wire . It has 2 USB plugs at one end and a single one at the other end. I plugged in those two plugs in two USB ports of my laptop and the single usb plug in my ext hdd and Carambaa !! It worked like a loco. There were no ERROR messages since then.
my problem disappeared forever.

Now i can access my HDD without any problem. The error notification stopped becoz now the HDD is getting the power it requires.

You guys can try this until Microsoft comes up with something new in their OSes.

If you need a picture of the USB cable i m using then send an email to me at and i can email back the picture to u.

See ya later
Sameer Potdar
vande mataram