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01-09-2004, 12:03 AM
Psiloc have pre announced several programs they will be publishing for the Nokia 9500 communicator as the availability date for the 9500 approaches. These include localistion programs, a hotspot (wifi) finder, a data guard (store sensitive information) program, a version of their recently announced world traveller, a task manager and a port of the popular irRemote program.

Psiloc Press Release:

Psiloc applications for Nokia Communicator 9500

Before the official launch of Nokia 9500, Psiloc developed several new and updated the best selling applications from 92xx, for the new Nokia Communicator 9500. All those new applications for Nokia 9500 have implemented Psiloc DRM registration and distribution solution.

Language localizations
Psiloc localizations include proper fonts, keyboard driver, localization library. User can enter any information in his/ her native language in any application on the new communicator.
Supported languages: Arabic and Hebrew.

Security applications - Data Guard and Secure Storage
Data Guard
This application protects the confidential data on the device (like PIN numbers, bank accounts, passwords for banks, web sites, digital locks or other sensitive data) using common cryptography standard RSA algorithms
Secure storage
Business oriented application for people who do not want to share their files and folders with other users of the device. The main idea of that application is taken from the PC, where user keeps the sensitive and private data on the password protected disk. Unlike many other applications of this type Secure Storage uses very strong encryption algorithms with public/private keys encrypted with RSA algorithm.

Productivity application - Hot spot finder
Application that finds all the WLAN hot spots that are nearbye. This application is working in the background and while finding new hot-spot it sets up the new alarm to inform the user that he/she is in the hot spot area.

Tools - Task Manager
The best selling application for 92xx, now ported to 9500. This is a tool, which adds two important functions to 9500: closing active tasks and software reboot.

Travel application - World Traveller
With a database of 1800 locations worldwide the application brings detailed information about the home and destination sites, including:

* local time, date, time relative to GMT, distance, country/area codes
* current weather and a four-day forecast (updated twice a day) (online)
* local exchange rate of 140 currencies (online)
* convenient database browser with world map showing exact location
* world map with moving night/day zones

Entertainment IrRemote
The award winning Psiloc irRemote application can turn a Communicator into a remote control. This truly ingenious application can help replace a multitude of various remote controls that tend to accumulate in every house with just one device and keep the phone handy. Psiloc irRemote is very simple to use: just select the brand and the type of device (TV, DVD, VCR, CD, etc.) and it works.

01-09-2004, 10:34 AM
I don't know what makes me more excited. The fact that Psiloc releases all this or the fact that "the 9500 is close to release":)