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26-08-2004, 11:11 AM
Hello peepz...

I bought a nokia 6820 a few days ago...

And ofcourse installed the software that was on the cd... Pc suite 5.8

All things did go well untill i tryed to load a ringtone onto my phone with nokia sound converter. Here the trouble starts... When i try to load a tone to my phone by Ir.. It says: " failed to update the ringing tone to the phone" So i thought well.. my phone is not properly connected.. and checked the connection manager.. But it said my phone was connected... So i thought i try to put a programm on my phone, the one who also is on the software cd included with the phone. But when i try to install it, it says : "operation failed"..

So i start reading some forums and i net pages.. and came to the conclusion that i have to download a newer pc suite.. so i did..

And guess what....... it had the same problems...

So after a while i thought it could be my IR connection on my compu.. So i went to the store and bought a sitecom Bluetooth Adapter... The guy who sold me said he had the same phone and the same adapter.. it worked perfectly.

So i installed the adapter.. connection was made.. phone was found by connection manager and bluetooth location.. Paired up and it worked well... untill i started nokia suite again. When i tryed to put a tone, i got the same errors.. also when trying to install a game/programm...

Im trying for hours now without any success... And the stupid thing is, when i use the windows programm to send files to your phone there is no problem.. So i can send ringtones to my phone now, but not the programes/games. cos they are stored on another place in the phone..

Also Nokia application installer does see my phone, it shows the 3 standard apps on the phone.. and when i try to install another he gives the error. When i refresh my phone it gives a new app with the name "unknown". :frown: :frown:

I hope someone can help me... I already send a email 2 nokia... but still waiting...

Thnx in advance

26-08-2004, 11:42 AM
Your phone is neither a Symbian OS nor a Series 60 based phone (maybe the moderators will move this thread elsewhere?) but try downloading the latest PC Suite 6.2 from and see if it is any better.