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28-06-2004, 05:46 PM
This weeks category is Hobbies. We want to see your Best Photos (taken on a Symbian Phone) that represent your Hobbies. So please upload your images to the Photo Contest 013 ( folder. Vote will start on 12th July 2004 to pick a winner. Winners Photo is displayed on Main Gallery page and can select next category.

Photo Contest Gallery (

Technology Photo Contest (Previous Contest) (

Photo Contest Rules:-

* Will now operate on 2 weeks for Upload and 2 weeks for Vote rotation (instead of 1 week), to give people a greater chance of taking, uploading and voting.

* Anyone can enter the competition, just upload your photo to the Specified folder in the "Gallery/Photo Contest/Photo Contest XXX".

* Photos not in correct section will not be considered as an entry.

* Entries that do not follow the Photo Contest Category will be deemed ineligiable for entry will be deleted. (i.e. the category is cars and a photo of a plane is entered)

* Please Include AAS Nickname in Title & choice of next Category in Description.

* If no category posted, there will be a new category selected by Admin and will default to that.

* If you Forget Nick or Category, Please PM Gadget17 ( on Forum to Add!

* Photos must be taken with any Symbian Camera Phone, and you may enter more than 1 photo

* The winning photo is decided in a poll and will list all the eligible entries. The polling will last approx 14 days.

* Voting is by a Points (1-5) vote system, this means you can vote for more than one photo.

* In event of Tie, Previous Fortnights Winner will Choose a winner but will be unable to choose own entries.

* And No, you can't win a fancy car or a bundle of money... But, The winner determines the topic for the new contest. The winning photo will be on the Gallery index page until the next contest

That's basically it...have fun!