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03-06-2004, 12:52 PM
Hi P800/P900 Users

We have just released the popular multiplayer quiz, truth and dare game
MondoPondo for the P800 and P900. Its great fun and especially suited to the smart phone format. If this interests you then read on....

MondoPondo is a quiz game with a difference for 2 to 16 players. If you get a question wrong, you have to tell a truth or perform a dare. It has thousands of questions, truths and dares and a funky natural language interface that talks and jokes with you, at you and about you.

From teenager to adult, stranger to family or friend, MondoPondo has been designed and evolved to really deliver so much humorous, relaxing fun to any social situation.

Questions: These have been specially written for MondoPondo, some are easy, some hard, some funny, some serious. There are loads available with 100 (enough for a fair few games) in the free trail. If a player gets a question wrong they have to perform a dare, complete a challenge or tell a truth.

Dares: The dares in the game come in all shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure, as the game progresses the dares get much harder. You want some examples of dares from the game? Then play the free trial!

Truths: Most people when they start off think Truths are an easy option instead of dares. No way.. not at all.. not even slightly. In fact, after a few games, truths are treated with as much trepidation as the dares. You think we are not telling the truth? Then try the free trial and see for yourself.

Challenges: These are new in version 2. They are like dares, but less daring and more... challenging.

Team play: In this new version, two teams can be pitted against each other, testing knowledge, courage and... with victimization options... fairness.

Please let us know how you get along with the beta which can be downloaded from

have fun!