View Full Version : How can i install new Siemens SX1 firmware from home???

02-06-2004, 03:10 PM
How can i install new Siemens SX1 firmware from home???

10-11-2004, 04:38 AM
I have finally found the solution to my USB dilemna for my SX1. I hope this helps everyone who are having problems updating their firmware.

This works for Windows XP users only.

First, the USB connection needs to work properly in order for the computer to recognize the phone. In this case, SX1 Data Suite and mrouter can read my phone but the Firmware updater doesn't.

Download the latest firmware for the SX1 on the desktop.

On your desktop, click on Start and then Settings to Control Panel. In Control Panel double click on System and choose Hardware tab. Under Device Manager, click on Device Manager window. When you see a yellow question mark under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, that's the culprit and the reason why the USB connection between your computer and your phone is not working. Highlight on the yellow question mark, right click and then choose down to Properties. In there, you will have an option to install the Siemens_SX1swup.sys manually which is located on your desktop. Make sure you continue with the install when Windows warn that USB driver is not digitally signed.

Once it is installed properly in your computer, you can switch your phone back on to Upgrade mode by pressing the joystick and turning the phone on at the same time. Do not press the joystick down like what you do when you're going to your contacts list. You will see on the phone that it's turned on for Upgrade mode.

On your desktop, double click on Firmware update, follow the instructions and your phone will be upgraded automatically.