View Full Version : New: Zenomorph - photo manipulation for UIQ

18-05-2004, 12:38 AM
Zenomorph (, which has been available for Series 60 phones for some time, is now available for UIQ. Zenomorph is a photo manipulation program. It allows you to distort / morph photos by setting points and pulling them. Zenomorph is authored by Zenobyte (

Author Notes:
ZenoMorph is a fun program which allows you to distort and play around with photos or other images. Amuse friends, colleagues or family by sending an image of a funny face - a mutual acquaintance perhaps. Works well with pets, too. Turn your cat or dog into an alien!

* Full control over placing control points
* Animate between normal and morphed image
* Inflate/deflate areas to eg increase/decrease size of eyes/nose
* Fast response when moving points
* Load and save images to phones photo album
* Send via email/bluetooth/IR/MMS

28-05-2004, 08:17 AM
ZenoMorph is realy cool. Just take a picture of someone and play around with it. It's realy easy to do, and most importantly you get fast results. The interface shows you what you get the moment you do it. No, complicated setup or anything. Just add a point and move it around or blow it up, soon your target will look realy weird :)
It's great fun. Much more fun than the next clone of some old game, and it's kind of creative. Well, it's fun mostly. But it's woth every cent.