View Full Version : Full screen video on SX1

24-04-2004, 06:18 PM
I've tried several software packages and different movie converters and haven't found anything I'm completely happy with yet. The PacketVideo converter that comes bundled on the SX1 CD works quite happily as does the Nokia Multimedia Converter but you have no control over the quality, and even though you can view them full screen in PacketVideo the quality is pretty rubbish. Also movies converted using Nokia Multimedia Converter don't seem to play with sound when I use PacketVideo, I get sound in Helix but I can't view full screen :?

I've downloaded mobiclip but apparently the mobiclip converter is not for general release - only to developers and costs $299 ... looks like I wont be purchasing this one.

Tried Smartmovie with limited success and I've got the best video quality so far from Smartmovie - but on my converted movies either the sound is out of sync or the sound is distorted and I get high pitched noise. :? :?

Does anyone have any suggestions or hints for best results in converting movies? And which is the best movie player?