View Full Version : Rant about the A920 and some questions :)

23-04-2004, 10:45 AM

I signed up for 3 when they were offering the A920 for free. Mine was one of the handsets which was Blue tooth enabled, I have been out of the loop for a while so dont know if any new firmware has been made available.

I was so impressed with this phone, Its a very capable device. I have fiddled with it so that I can install some P800 stuff to it.

However, Im a bit pissed off now that I have come to learn of what it can do. I have a ferrari of a phone and 3 have given me dry tyres in the wet... I want to MSN on this thing, I want to ICQ. I want to put stuff on it.. Im fed up of those shonky games that cost 50 pence for 3 days. Its so frustrating. I look at what 3 offer their australian customers and I wish I was there. Data acces would be great - to take a rough exhchange rate 20mb a month down under costs roughly 15 which is so cheap! This stupid software signing thing really gets my back up. This phone could be more versatile than a GP32 for homebrew stuff.

At the moment Im not useing it to its full capacity - Im mearly using it as a phone. And when the 3 month offer of video calls coming out of your voice mins expires - well I will just be useing it for voice... I may as well have stuck with my tiny Orange phone.

Ok - so rant over, I have a couple of questions which I hope you can help me with:

Is it possible to use my A920 as a web cam hooked up to my machine? (Edit - its a windows box, running XP)

Does anyone know of a P800 ogg player that works on the A920?

Is there or are there any better firmwears available that allow the use of the infra red on the phone. Some of my friends dont have blue tooth.