View Full Version : Motorola leaks shows plan for Symbian based phones

17-09-2002, 10:01 PM
A major leak of Motorola's plans for forthcoming mobile phones has shown that 2003 will see at least 2 Symbian based phones. With a Symbian phone also due any month now Motorola is suddenly looking much stronger in the Symbian department.

The phones in question are the 'Paragon II' (the Paragon I being the phones possibly due for release soon). It is a Symbian 7 phone (with enhancements). It also has a true internet browser (like the P800), and VPN support. It also has built in instant messaging, lights and vibration alerts, speaker phone. It also supports SD and a few other bits inlcuding bluetooth and interestingly 802.11. Its due Q4 2003. Which would fit well with a Paragon 1 release sometime in the next month or so...

The other super Symbian phone is the A835 looks suspiciously Series 60 like (perhaps using Pearl of a homebrew Motorola UI). It looks Symbian but might not be... that said Motorola are meant to be producing quite a bit of Symbian stuff. The phone supports video conferencing and voice control, bluetooth and MMS. Has integrated games and downloadable ones, integtrated PIM and location based services (these being a good Symbian indication). It looks like a cheaper Symbian device for the masses.

Then here is where things get less clear, I think there might be some other Symbian phones (you can decide for yourself by following the links at the bottom). The V300 and V600 are perhaps Symbian. I guess time will tell.

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