View Full Version : New: Hole in One golf scorecard for Series 60

16-09-2002, 05:59 PM
Hole in One is an electronic caddy for the Series 60 range. Lots of features means this will be on golf fanatics wish list.

Author Info:
HOLEINONE the wireless caddie is an exellent scorekeeping application for Golf. The software radically enhances scorekeeping on the Golf course. Scorekeeping is therefore faster, hassle free and more enjoyable. HOLEINONE increases the speed of marking the scores and adds flexibility of the scorekeeping process itself.

Players can easily keep scores as they do with traditional scorecards. Scorekeeping is done simply by entering the score information single-handedly on the application.

As HOLEINONE resides in the wireless device you are able to pull the trolley or steer a golf car at the same time while inputing the scores.

An entertaining feature is to be able to email the scorecard to anyone right after the game. Other options are to save the scorecard on the phone and ability to save the scorecard to HOLEINONE server. By saving scorecard data to server you can view the scores with a www browser from HOLEINONE website at

HOLEINONE Mobile Golf Scorecard 1.0 features and benefits are:

- Keep score with ease, no pen and scorecard needed.
- Flexible system allows scorekeeping single- handedly.
- Simple one button score input and scorecard processing.
- Speeds up the game on high traffic courses!
- Fast browsing from hole to hole.
- Simple changing from marker to player score input view.
- Scorecard view for both players at any point of game.
- Easy to use interface guarantees instant benefit of the application.
- Optional HCP calculation for both marker and player with EGA & USGA.
- Supportive website for scorecard saving and monitoring.
- No training necessary.
- High price to value ratio.
- Customized versions available for corporates, Golf Clubs, individuals etc.